S2E4: Time is a Flat Cyclocross Course

Travel schedules kept The Call Up from recording for a few weeks, which meant we had a ton to cover when we got together this week.

So, we lit a pumpkin spice candle, poured some wine, cracked a La Croix chaser, and got to it: Trek, Jingle Cross, Bioracer Intl in Ireland, Dan Ryan Woods, throwing up during races, peeing in cups, course design in the CCC, and much, much more.

Episode 9: Maria Goes To Worlds

We're BACK, BABY! Maria discusses her upcoming trip to the UCI Cyclocross World Championship in Valkenburg and recaps her national championship ride, Kelsey and Annicka learn the backpack dance, and Annie takes us on a gastrointestinal journey to the Netherlands. Also featuring: Daphne on FaceTime.

Episode 6: The Pack Survives

Take a trip down mansplain alley in Episode 6, where we talk mud-surfing at Pheasant Run, bunny hopping the patriarchy, PFP's rumored return, and what it means to "bring others along" to the top of a sport and build a community of competitive athletes the way Shalane Flanagan has. We also confront the looming approach of the end of the season and what makes a truly great (or truly shitty) heckle. 

Episode 5: He Should Smile More

On Episode 5, we cover Derby City, Campton CX, Koppenbergcross, the EU champs, and the New York City Marathon. Daphne explains why it's important to get feedback on your output during training, and we continue the debate about sprinting to the line in cyclocross. We also plumb some deep questions: Do beets make you faster, or just psych out anyone who uses the porta-potty after you? What is nose doping? And are we woman enough to recognize our own sexism?

Episode 4: To Sprint, Or Not To Sprint

In this week's episode of The Call Up, Maria goes through great personal strife but eventually finds redemption, Annicka gets caught in the CrossFire™, and Daphne and Kelsey replay their favorite Instagram memory from Campton CX. A lot.

Episode 3: Happy Birthday, Annie!

The Call Up muddles through in the absence of Kelsey, our esteemed producer. Daphne sends it via foot at Palos, Annicka crumbles under peer pressure, Maria does her best Lauren Wissman impression and very special guest Annie Byrne receives a very special birthday greeting. We also discuss the muddy conditions at Sunrise Park and the great racing at Superprestige Boom and Koksijde. 

Episode 2: Don't Call it a Grass Crit

In our second episode, Daphne suffers from a massive cross hangover, Maria recaps her races at the US Open of Cyclocross in Boulder, Kelsey and Annicka contemplate what it would be like to race a REAL grass crit (Sunrise Park doesn't count), and Stains the dog becomes our very first Friend of the Pod.

Episode 1: Ok Google, Win Race

On episode one of The Call Up, we talk about Chicago Cross Cup race #3, the notoriously difficult Dan Ryan Woods, and get a preview of the 2017 U.S. Open of Cyclocross in Boulder, Colorado. Then we talk Chicago Cross Cup race #4, Carpentersville, and recap DVV Ronse.