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Episode 5: He Should Smile More

Episode 5: He Should Smile More

On Episode 5, we cover Derby City, Woodstock CX, Koppenbergcross, the EU champs, and the New York City Marathon. Daphne explains why it's important to get feedback on your output during training, and we continue the debate about sprinting to the line in cyclocross. We also plumb some deep questions: Do beets make you faster, or just psych out anyone who uses the porta-potty after you? What is nose doping? And are we woman enough to recognize our own sexism?

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Katie Fn Compton at Derby City, photographed by Wil Matthews

Crosshairs Television

2017 Women's Elite Pan American Championship, November 5 in Louisville, Kentucky at Joe Creason Park


The NFL's Salty Secret

Would you try this before a bike race? Or is smelling the porta potties enough to get the juices flowing?




Tour de Chi Cross Cup

Every week our resident roadie, Daphne,  cruises out to the local cross race. Check out her route on Strava, or join in on the ride next week!


European Championships 

Lucinda Brand, Sanne Cant and Alice Maria Arzuffi duke it out at Tabor.


Fuck yeah, Shalane Flanaghan! 

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Episode 6: The Pack Survives

Episode 6: The Pack Survives

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Episode 4: To Sprint, Or Not To Sprint