Join us as we begin our slow descent into the great radio genre of Sports Yelling

S2E4: Time is a Flat Cyclocross Course

S2E4: Time is a Flat Cyclocross Course

Travel schedules have been busy for The Call Up this month. We were still missing our trusted and cherished Roadie Daphne, but as the races piled up, we figured it was time to get together and do some podding.

So, we lit a pumpkin spice candle, poured some wine, cracked a La Croix chaser, and got to it.

Interestingly, this is one of the most un-edited pods we’ve ever produced. Either we’re getting better at this, or we’re just more comfortable with sounding like idiots.

  • Marianne Vos and Ellen Noble prompt an existential crisis for Maria at Trek CX Cup

  • Thankfully the spell was broken when Maria took the win at the first-ever UCI Bioracer-Atlassian International C2 in Mollusk, Ireland

  • Jingle Cross - Evie Richards’ ability to ride far beyond herself - and show it - continues to amaze us, and prompts some spirited discussion:

    • As we become faster and more experienced as bike racers, do we loose the ability to ride so far beyond our fitness level? Or is it just that our perception of “beyond” has changed?

    • Ever gotten into a breakaway and shamed yourself into staying in it?

    • Would you rather be the chaser or the chasee in a race?

  • A bit of commentary on CCC #2 Dan Ryan Woods, as covered by three people who weren’t actually at the race

  • Are Chicago Cyclocross Cup courses getting easier over time? It’s an oft-discussed question that doesn’t have a simple answer. We’re working on getting ChiCrossCup Series Director Becky Mikrut on the pod soon to discuss course design

  • Somebody please put on a race at Palos

  • And if you’re interested, here’s the MUCH MORE ACCURATE THAN ANNICKA’S VERSION story of how then-Oklahoma assistant coach Mike Leach duped Texas with a fake play sheet

This Week’s Call Ups:

  • Maria: the organizers of the first-ever UCI race on Irish soil

  • Annicka: Lindsay Knight for calling out Larry Longo (barf) and starting a national conversation about race commentators

  • Kelsey: The unnamed Union racer who live-streamed the W3/4 race at Dan Ryan Woods - and for that matter, the W3/4 field for crushing a tough course

We’ll see you all at Sunrise Park!

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Becky Mikrut meets The Call Up - S2E5

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